501 Scott Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66105info@4-5-6chevytrucks.com


" Great people to work with. Bought a few different times. Got what I needed for truck and if they didn’t have part in stock, gave me info where to find. Will be buying again. "

John in NY

" Just wanted to let you know, I received those A-pillar drip rails. They are as you say “nuts on”. Very happy with them. Thanks again. "

Dan in NE

" Wow! :-) "

Terry in OK

" Hope your Mew Year 2019 is awesome. Thank you for all of your help, suggestions and advice. "

Greg & Stacey in WA

" Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the part I received. Thanks. "

Bill in FL

" Just letting you know, my parts arrived today in perfect shape. Thank you. Looking forward to future business, as needed. "

Tom in Ontario, Canada

" Thank you the package. Arrived this morning. Again, I appreciate it very much for coming through. I will give you high praise on the forums tonight when I get home. "

Glen in IL

" Got the parts on Saturday. Thank you. "

Dan in NE

" Hope your New Year 2019 is awesome! Thank you for all of your help, suggestions and advice. "

Greg & Stacey in WA

" I got your pictures last night and forgot how much artwork is involved in welding metal. I appreciate the time and talent involved. Thank you! "

Frank in OK

" The spare parts and books were delivered today. You are a very great spare parts dealer. Thanks for those awesome parts and books, that are in excellent condition. It’s amazing. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. "

Detlef in Germany

" Thanks again, I really like the grille, great piece. "

Craig in TN

" I just received the horn ring and parts. Wow! Nicer than I had expected! Thank you so much. I’ll keep your card and tell others about your company if they need parts. All the best to you and thanks again! "

Curtis in TN

" Got rods yesterday. Perfect. Three speed back on column. Thanks . "

John in NY

" Parts arrived yesterday. Look great. Thanks much. Starting to bolt together Monday. "

Doug in MD

" Got it. Looks GREAT!!!! THANK YOU again. "

Steve in AR

" Received the heater box bottom in the mail today. Very happy with the item, the price, and your customer service. I am sure I will probably need other parts for this truck. When I do, I will contact you. Thank you. "

Frank In TN

" Thanks for the fast delivery of Sliding Windows Latches.
These are in excellent condition. "

Detlef in Wielenbach, Germany

" Received my drag link this morning. Looks good. Thanks. "

Dennis in UT

" I received the parts today. Thank you very much. "

Doug in IN

" Just a quick note to let you know I received the part last week and I installed it 2 days ago. Fit perfect! Thanks loads. "

Janine in MI

" Just taking a second to write and give you the nod on the A pillar drip rail moldings. I received them about a week ago and have been working with them and wow! I know there not the hardest pieces in the world or anything but it’s been the first panel I’ve put on this truck that has actually fit. There as close to spot on as original as can be. Even have the angles knocked on the top and bottom to sit right with top and bottom of the of the A pillar. Keep up the good work and thanks again for supplying such a piece. "

Joe in IN

" Thank you so much. Everything looks amazing! If you ever need a reference, tell them to call me!!! Thank you and have a great night!!! "

Nick in MO

" Hey Tony. I picked up my frame today. It looks great. Thanks again. "

Jeremiah in CO

" Hi Tony! I got the spotlight!!! Awesome unit, thank you very much! "

David in TX

" Received my parts today. Very pleased. Thank you very much. "

Jimmy in LA

" I received the hubs. Thank you. They look great. I'm going to install them today. "

Jay in SD

" Thank you. Today I received my parts order in Guatemala. Regalos "

Salvador in Guatemala

" "I picked up the parts yesterday and I am completely satisfied with product. Thanks for your professionalism. "

Don in WA

" Received parts yesterday. Everything is good. Very pleased with the condition of the cowl box and the quality of the A-pillar drip rails. Thanx. "

Charles in GA

" Yes, I received the parts. They look great. Thank you. "

Patrick in OH

" Was pleasantly surprised with the condition of the parts. Thank you. Will be needing more stuff for another '66 I recently purchased. Will contact you later. "

Kenneth in GA

" You guys are a GREAT help and we're all the way out in Washington State....Thanks! "

Greg & Stacey in WA

" My shipment arrived today, thank you. And thank you for cleaning everything before shipping--that was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to doing more business in the future. "

Erik in WA

" I got the plate today. Perfect. Thanks. "

George in TX

" Received the parts. Perfect! Thanks! "

Brent in NV

" I wanted to say thank you. The parts are great. We are very pleased. "

Rene in New Hampshire

" I received the grill. Thanks. This is the missing part I needed on my truck. It was worth every penny to me. Thanks again for the great service. I'll send you a photo when it is installed. "

Frank in New Jersey

" I just got the parts I ordered from you. Thanks. It's nice to get what you order. I will recommend you in the future. "

Carl in NE.

" Good morning, Tony. We made it home safe. Just wanted to let you know that after about 15 minutes of meeting you I knew I had brought it to the right place. I am so anxious for the time to pass so I can see it. Wishing for time to pass is an unusual request for someone over fifty haha. Well again it was a pleasure meeting you. Enjoyed your knowledge of the trucks and learned a lot of new things. Your employees seem to be first class people also. Take care. "

Paul in Louisiana

" I was very pleased with the part I received from Tony at 4-5-6 Chevy Trucks, LLC. I needed a front cross member for '65, as mine was damaged beyond repair. The part arrived blasted and primed, and in perfect shape. Tony also included the mounting hardware! I will definitely buy from these guys again! "

Jeff K – Fall City, WA

" Just need to thank you for the closing panels. Received them today. Just what I needed. I have just finished priming them. Will have them on the truck by Sunday. "

THANKS!!!!! Dan

" Here is a picture of the completed truck with the bed that I purchased from you. It was sure worth the wait!!! The bed was straight, without rust and everything one could expect. "

John in GA

" I got the tailgate today and it was worth the wait. Thanks for sending an extra nice piece and packing it well! "

Matt in IN

"Got the bearing cover yesterday and drove the truck last night. Thanks for the great service – will be sure to bookmark your website and tell friends about your company. "

John in KS

"I don't know what to say except thank you very much. You really came through for me and I really appreciate it.
If anyone ever asks me about 4-5-6 Chevy, I got your back.
Thanks again and again! "

Doug in VA

"The parts arrived today, and they look great. Thanks again."


"Anthony, I got my parts today. WOW. Good service and good parts. Thanks. "

Jim in CA

"I was checking out your website and thought I'd send these along to you. You sold me most of my hard to find parts!"

Joe in Phoenix

"Hey, do you remember telling to get that manual?  Well, I did.  It's really great to have around my shop.  After reading some of it, I'm pretty sure now i can get most of this truck done in my own shop.  Just wanted to say thanks again."


"Hey Tony, I Got the cab perches several days ago. I have them all painted up and ready to install on my frame once I get that cleaned up. Thanks loads! They look great! (Not that anyone will ever see them)."


"Got my parts today.  Thank you."


"They arrived and look good.  I'll probably re-paint them red, to make it pop a little more.  Thanks again."



"The hub caps I purchased from you were great.  Thanks."



"Just wanted to publicly thank Tony for his help in locating a truck for me-only took 2 days and a couple phone calls and exactly what I was looking for. Very professional, and cool to talk to.
Thanks Again! I owe ya one! "




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